IncraTech Reseller Program enables our Resellers or Distributors to make high profits by selling IncraTech products using their own marketing channels. We are interested in distributing our software through Resellers or Distributors focused on specific countries or regions. Since we think every market and every business requires personal approach, we decided to switch into individual negotiations instead of laying down fixed terms.

Sales volumes and commitments to promote IncraTech products are the key factors in determining partnerships. IncraTech products provide a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.

Partners provide essential services that allow customers to take maximum advantage of the EduSpark suite, migration, customization user experience.

Key Benefits You Can Get

  • You do not need to maintain any stock
  • High margin upto 25% on New Client, Upgrades and Renewals
  • Easy entry into the expanding SaaS market with Min. customer requirements
  • Dedicated Sales and marketing support designed to maximize opportunities
  • Pre & Post Sales Support
  • Comprehensive Product Training
  • High customer satisfaction and retention rates
  • Online Software demo trails
  • Access to Documentation & Training Materials
  • Sales tools and industry information including newsletter.
  • Targeted Clients: Schools & Colleges, Training Centers, Group of Institutions.

Easy to Market and Sale

  • Start using software right away with our hosted solution in Cloud
  • No upfront investment on hardware or client software
  • No waiting for delivery and configuration
  • No hiring of IT staff to maintain the server
  • Technical support included
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Easily scalable as your business grows
  • New features provided, as soon as they are ready to use
  • We are always available to help via phone or email for support



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